Tarlie B Designs | Designer Statement

Tarlie B Designs creates interiors that feel uniquely just like home. Business founder and director Natalie Brownlie, a Toowoomba interior designer, has worked as an interior designer for over twenty years, bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge into the homes of every client she has the pleasure to work with.

With a passion for residential design, Tarlie is known for creating warm, ambient spaces from indoor designs to outdoors designs that are true to the diverse lifestyles and personalities of her clients. She prides herself on storytelling through design and ensures that family histories are carried forward within the home for time to come. “Being an interior designer is like being an interpreter. You listen to the client, be observant of reactions, consider items they love, or that have sentimental meaning that must be included and then join the dots to create a place they long to come home to,” explains Tarlie. Through her intuitive observations and carefully considered perspective, Tarlie both transforms existing homes and brings classic contemporary homes to life.

Tarlie’s approach to design is curated to the varied needs and tastes of her clients. Influenced by her upbringing in the countryside, Tarlie’s style is imbued with a timeless elegance and sophistication that transcends trends. An element of countryside chic runs through the homes Tarlie puts together: rooms are complemented by a variety of textures and lush furnishings; accented by a palette ranging from neutrals to colour; and refreshed by tasteful bursts of flowers and greenery. Drawing inspiration from nature to high fashion houses, there is an understated opulence to her work that’s always grounded in the character of the building and people who live within it. Offering her expertise on all aspects of interior design, Tarlie provides clients with spaces that feel elevated, authentic, and radiate personality.